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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Watch out for fake emails to discredit 'Global Warming Myth'

What happens in Copenhagen, if it happens, is going to affect the lives of ordinary people, and is no way going to affect climate change because the concern is not about earth heating up but to use it as a reason or catalyst to create a World Government. It's no different from Bush saying give up your rights in exchange of safety or else the terrorists are going to get you. Now it's give up your rights and be taxed into poverty or global warming is going to get you.

The new EU president is on record saying of first year global governance through Copenhagen Treaty and carbon tax. He also mentions about global management of the planet through the environmental crisis. No wonder big banks like JP Morgan, Chase, Goldmansachs, Bank of England and all Ponzi masters are funding climate change so that they get to have a global govternment that manages and taxes the global population on CO2.

As usual, the response of the Main-Stream-Media (MSM) has been cold to this whole issue so far, even after 100s of emails have been hacked and made public from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) asserting the claims of sceptical scientists that Global warming is a hoax. BBC reports it as if it's just another computer hacking story. The MSM have been downplaying the story since the leak condemning the hacking rather than verifying the validty of its contents. Initially the climate scientists admitted that those are our emails but they are being interpreted wrong. These are on records who immediately after the break were approached by the Associated Press, Reuters etc. Now, there is a separate spin in the MSM saying we don't know if the emails are real although both climate scientists and the Univ./CRU admits they are hacked and several 1000s of emails were stolen. May be in a few days time the establishment may insert fake emails into the pool and pollute the whole pot so that some media can come out and discredit the whole story. The MSM is good at it and have done it in the past. The media has been just whipping up hysteria on global warming and blaming it upon humans as the sole cause. After all, wasn't it the same media that established the undetectable link between Iraq and 9/11, propagated the War on Terror hoax, the Swine flu hoax and silently watched the engineered collapse of the economy.

No matter what happens in Copenhagen, we can be assured that nothing is going to happen to Artic or Antartic other than seasonal variations nor to the Penguins or Sea Lions, except someone kills it all. Multiyear satellite videos of expansion and retraction of the Antarctic ice shows nothing out of ordinary except if the data been fiddled with some new 'scientific' tricks invented by Prof. Phil Jones and his cohorts at the CRU or the likes.To trust Al Gore's crooked 'Hockey stick' model or to use Prof. Michael Mann's 'Trick' to predict what happens 50 or 100yrs later is really a joke when you can't get a 5 day forecast right from the weatherman. Not to mention the eliminated Medieval Warm Period (MWP) data and other data manipulation done to create such a fraudulent model. In other words, Artic or Antartica can disappear or Penguins and sealions can become extinct only if the rigged model (shown by red line in the link: http://www.climateaudit.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/rcs_chronologies_rev2.gif) is true. Thankfully, the science is in and the actual data proves otherwise, we can surely rejoice that Artic or Antartica is not going to disappear nor the penguins or the sealions for that reason.

As one of the media said, these are not just bad scientists but crimilals. The fraudulent studies they conduct with taxpayers money is used to put more taxes on the tax payer eventually turning them as slaves to the Ponzi masters who pull the strings behind the scenes.

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