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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Response to 'NDTV's 'Enough is Enough'

'Enough is Enough ': NDTV's doubtful concern for countering Terrorism

Most of us those watching English TV Channels must have seen these sound bytes coined by NDTV and subsequently picked up by many by a section of the elite men and women immediately after the terror attack in Mumbai on Novemebr 26,2008. Obviously,the message NDTV wanted to convey was that we, the people of India are fed up with the series of mindless terror attacks often and with the loss of innocent human lives and property and it is high time that we should put an end to this terror attack aimed at destabilising India as a nation. Following this, NDTV was in the forefront in fanning anti-Politician sentiments across the country ,especially in Mumbai and other big cities.

Well, there was and there is every reason to feel anguished against the terror attack. It was high time to put an end to the mindless terror. NDTV was perfectly right in coining such a phrase, though it was not right on its part in fanning reckless anti-politician sentiments and in playing for jingoism of a section of urban elite . But is NDTV really sincere in coining this slogan? I am afraid, it is not, after watching the run up for and the 'Indian of the year' 2008 award ceremony hosted by the NDTV in which a host of political leaders ,business men and women, sports personalities, film world celebrities on the Republic day had participated.

In India, ever since the BJP brought the Ramjanmabhoomi Ayodhya issue to the centre-stage of Indian body polity since June 1989 at its Palampur session, the nation has been going through serious communal tensions, politics based on religious polarisation, religious intolerance, competitive communal clashes , riots, cutural policing by certain communal outfits etc in various parts of the country.

Speaking in the golden jubilee celebrations of the erstwhile Jan Sangh/BJP in New Delhi in 2001 , Mr L K Advani proudly observed that but for Ayodhya Ramjanmabhoomi movement , the BJP would not have been what it is today". .Obviously, he was referring to the fact that from a position of just 2 seats in 1984 , the BJP was able to come to capture power at the centre in 1999 . Earlier on June 18, 1991 Advani made a pathetic confession by saying : “Had I not played the Ram factor effectively , I would have definitely lost from New Delhi constituency”.

But how were the so-called Ayodhya movement and the Rath yatra conducted in 1990s? It exploited the peoples genuine religious feelings for political mobilisation. Polarising the religious communities .It pitted the majority community against the minority community. It injected communal venom in the minds of the people. It engineered communal riots all over the country in large scale except in the states ruled by the Left then. Peoples' genuine religious sentiments were stoked to arouse passions . Blood was spilled in the streets. What was more, Advani kept on saying that the religious belief of the Hindus were above law .The Kar Sevak programme led by Advani utterly disregarded the solemn assurance in the form of an affidavit submitted before the Nation’s Apex Court by his party man and the then Chief Minister of UP Govt ,Kalyan Singh .,culminating in the demolition of a 400 year old Babri Masjid. Advani &Co waded through the blood to reach its 'political position' about which Advani was so proud in 2001 and even now in 2009. In short, the Ayodhya movement proudly carried out by Advani was a historic blot in the Post-Independent history of India which had serious repercussions in the following years to come by.

Mumbay, the Financial capital of India saw the worst kind of communal riots associated with violence. Large scale riots were engineered in Mumbai in 1992.What followed then was a major terror attack in Mumbai in March 1993. If somebody thought that it was only an aberration on the part of LK Advani and the BJP, it was a sad mistake to think so. In 2002 , Gujrat witnessed a worst kind of communal carnage ,genocide with Narendra Modi as the Chief Minister of that state ,again engineered and actively abetted by the Sangh Parivar of which Advani is always “proud” of . All for what? The BJP was out to grab power in the state by wading through the blood of the innocent lives once again . That it did in the subsequent Assembly elections held later in the same year. Till now, justice has been denied to the Minority community there. A vicious cycle of terror attacks in every major city and some medium towns across the country has been continuing periodically.

In a way, at least in India, the present vicious cycle of terror attacks can partly be attributed to the ugly head of rapid communalism being practised by the Sangh Parivar of which the RSS is a hydra-headed monster and the BJP being its political executioner of the evil designs being hatched by the parivar head. It has been widely reported that the captured terrorist in the Mumbai attack, Mohammed Ajmal Qasab had told the investigating agencies that their team was motivated by the video clips of Communal riots and Gujrat carnage during their training by the LeT outfit in Pakistan.

As such, no one can deny the linkage between the terror attacks for which NDTV wants an end by coining the slogan" Enough is Enough" and the rapid communal politics of RSS Sangh Parivar of which the BJP and its tallest leader, L K Advani are "a proud” part.

Yet, to every right thinking person's shocking, NDTV has awarded the ‘Life time achievement’ award to this worst perpetuator of communal crimes , LK Advani on 26th Januaray 2009. I am sure that Lalu Prasad Yadav who was present there at the NDTV event must have been squirming to see Advani being presented the award by Prannoy Roy .After all, it was Lalu Yadav who arrested Advani in 1990 in Bihar ,when the Rath Yatra of Advani was passing through Bihar.

Strangely, at the very venue where the 'Life Time Achievement' award was presented to LK Advani , he proudly stated his Ayodhya movement /'Rath Yatra' were as one of his two positive contributions to the Indian politics. And Prannoy Roy described "one and only " Advani as an "intelligent, thinking and unpredictable " politician of the country. Sure, Advani is an "intelligent" and "thinking" politician .But is it for the nation's larger interests? No , all his his "intelligence" and "thoughts" being hatched originally by the RSS sangh parivar have been detrimental to the unity and integrity of the country. It has been one of the causes for the spread of the terrorist activities. The brand of rapid communal ideology and the politics being practised by the Sangh Paricar of which L K Advani is part and parcel is for grabbing the political power at any cost.

Towards the end of the NDTV award presentation ceremony, Srinivasan Jain of NDTV made a remark on Ashok Kamte , the brave police officer who was killed by the terrorists in Mumbai on 26/11/2008., describing him as “a brave police officer who discharged his duties bravely whether it was in Solapur to establish law and order there or in tackling the Raj Thackerays mob " in Mumbai during the anti-North Indian attacks by the MNS men. .NDTV presented posthumous award for Ashok Kamte. In the same breath, NDTV did not have any qualms in presentin g " Life Time Achievement" award to L K Advani who led a far more frenzied mob in Ayodhya on Dec 6,1992 . The Indian Express on Dec 7, 1992 reported that "Advani was heard ordering the sealing of all entry points to Ayodhya to prevent Central forces from entering the town. This was around 2 pm when men were hammering away atop the domes of the structure”.

On the one hand, NDTV presents bravery award to a police officer who fought the mob and on the other hand, the same NDTV presents the Life time achievement award to a person who led a frenzied mob in Ayodhya.. It is a typical case of running with the hare and hunting with the hounds for the NDTV to present " Life time Achievement" award to a man who was instrumental for the rise of the ugly head of communal polarisation which is one of the causes for the terrorism across the country and at the same time to cry halt to the terrorism with sound bytes of “Enough is Enough” for the terror.

On the other side of India, a man of 90 plus years by name Jyoti Basu has been living in Kolkatta, having a dedicated political life for 60 years .He led a LF govt for more than 23 years without a break. He changed the lives of the rural mass of the Bengal through Land reforms, Panchayat Raj system. To put in the words of Swaminathan S Aiyer, the editor of 'The Economic Times' Jyoti Basu was a "champion reducer of Poverty" , "he "enriched the lives of millions so decisively that the voters suppressed their fundamental itch for change,He decentralized power and money to the Panchayats, in a very non-stalinist fashion, empowering the grass roots;This helped him oversee a green revolution which ultimately benefited more than what Punjab’s did" and he “inherited straw ,yet spun it into gold.”( The Sunday Times of India, dated Nov 5, 2000) . Another editor , M J Akbar, writing an editorial in 'The Telegraph' on Dec 13, 1992 on nation wide communal riots in the wake of Babri masjid demolition extolled Jyoti Basu for preventing large scale communal riots in Calcutta then with exemplary leadership qualities both at political and administration levels.M J Akbar described Jyoti Basu as one of the leaders the nation always needs. Yet, Prannoy Roy ‘s NDTV did not think it fit to consider Jyoti Basu , a tallest political leader far better than L K Advani in all respects of public life for the 'Life time Achievement' Award, "a rarest award in recognition of Life time achievement" to put it in the words of Prannoy Roy himself .

As a run up for the “ Indian of the year(2008)” poll, NDTV featured Manmohan Singh ,Advani , Mayawati , Shila Dixit and Shivraj Chauhan (Chief Minister of MP) in the panel for the contest in the political category. Again, using the words of Prannoy Roy, Mr Manmohan "stood for principles in the Indo-Nuclear deal issue" . The nation knows what kind of "principled" methods were used by Manmohan Singh to secure the support of various small parties and individual MPs in Lok sabha on july 22,2008. If Manmohan Singh stood for his own principles, then what for Prakash Karat stood? Did he not also stand for certain principles? Did Prakash Karat sell himself for some crumbs and political or personal benefits, while opposing the deal ? Did he bargain for any ministerial position for himself or his party, the CPI(M)?If it is not so, what prevented Prannoy Roy or his NDTV to feature Prakash Karat atleast in the panel for the Indian of the year in the category of politics? Prannoy Roy's NDTV "lionises" people like Omar Abdullahs, Shiela dixits and Shivraj Chauhans for their limited role in a region. But it did not want to do the same thing in respect of Prakash Karat who stood for the entire nation's interests with foresight , thinking and intelligence. If Shiela Dixit of the Congress and Shivraj Chauhan of BJP could find nominations in the panel for the contest on the strength of having defied the anti-incumbency in elections in their respective states, why not Manik Sarkar ,the Chief Minister of Tripura who defied the anti-incumbency in February 2008 elections 3 times in a row . Jyoti Basu defied anti-incumbency 5 times in a row and got LF re-elected with staggering majority of 2/3rds. Yet,he is not even considered for Life time achievement.

One is at a loss to understand the logic of NDTV and the criteria set out for the nominations. Prannoy Roy of the NDTV certainly owes an explanation to the nation for the manner which Advani was chosen and Jyoti Basu was ignored for the Life time Achievement and for ignoring the Left leaders even for the nominations for the Indian of the year in the category of politics..

Well, we all know that Satyam Computers were presented the “Excellent Corporate Governance” award in September 2008 . Now the cat of the “Excellent Corporate Governance” is out of the bag. Enough is Enough of these so-called awards by the amenable media to the amenable people of their choice!!!!

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Excellent article by R.Maran

This is an excellent article by Mr. Maran.

Siddharth Varadarajan writes on the same issue and calls into question the very logic of awarding poltical awards by the media. He also enlists some of the lifetime achievements of Shri Advani (Check the comments section, I have added a few more!) in that piece.

'Enough is Enough ': NDTV's doubtful concern for countering Terr

One should not be surprised why the NDTVs, the TOIs, the Indian Express's, The Hindu, Hindustan Times etc., have all knowingly or unknowingly become the mouthpieces for BJP. During the Mumbai terror attack, I even heard some media gurus proclaiming some outlandish nonsense like, US managed to curb terrorism and it happened only once in their soil but in India it keeps happening. I laughed to the floor and was thinking, if this is the pathetic state of the national reporters and journalists, what would be the state of the cattle that gulp into these gibberish. It's no wonder why BJP and BJP pimps come from undeducated states of India because that's where BJP's pennyless claims sells.

I have been citing in several webpages and forums for the past 7 or 8 months that the present crisis that's happening in India - the series of Terrorism, is nothing but the mastermind of BJP and their pimps for the most part. The reasons are many and if an average person only used his common sense, he/she would have been out of this web of deception in no time. As the author rightly points out in this article, it's since the advent of BJP into the political scenario that the communal riots and tensions rose to all time high all over India and the entire country has now been polarized on the communal basis. It's often funny that they criticize LeT, Mujjahideen, and other Muslim terrorist outfit while they support their own terrorist versions like the RSS, VHP, SangParivar, Bajrang Dal etc. What moral rights do they have to even criticize those Muslim terrorist when they themselves are like the 'Talibans'. If I support BJP, I'm no different from somebody who supports the Taliban. The only difference is one is a Muslim extresmist organization and the other is a Hindu extremist organization.

A common person should ask the question, who benefits from all these crimes? Because the one who benefits most from a crime is usually the one who is behind the crime. It's certainly not any Muslim community which benefits from these crimes because common sense alone tells that if they were doing these nonsense, they were actually screwing their own asses, being a minority community. And again if I were to believe the media garbage that they (Indian Mujjahideen) have so much hatred against Indians & particularly Hindus, and calls them infidels and so on, don't you think that they would try to create the maximum damage to the people and the country. Then how is it possible that from a group of Muslim terrorist who has so much hatred against Indians kill only 2 or 3 in B'lore and place dozens of bombs so carelessly only to be found out by criminal Modi's police? From common sense, don't you think that to create maximum damage they should have targetted some shopping complex, multiplex or other crowded places of the city rather than placing the bombs in dustbins, cyclestands bus-stands etc. If I'm a minority in a place, do I dare to do such non-sense in which case I will be screwing not only myself but my entire community? That shows the extend of brainactivity of an average BJP supporter. Then comes the mass media misinformation apparatus like TOIs came with the news: "BJP ruled states under attack". Why the heck should some media link BJP when they are addressing Terrorism. Is it to gain the sympathy and attention of the people just in case they never made the link?

On the other hand, what a coincidence that BJP picked Terrorism as one of ther key election campaign for 2009 way back in April 2008 or before that itself and we see a series of Terror attacks happening after April 2008 with increased frequency and media hype. Just count the number of terrorist attack that happend in the past 3 or 4 yrs prior to April 2008 and the number & frequency with which it happened since April 2008 and the media hype of it? Was it a coincidence that all these terrorist acitivities were happening just in tune with BJP's political agenda and just in time for the next election? One only has to give a thought about it so as to start understanding or unraveling the viscious cycle of events that has been happeing in India over the past few months or years.

That shows only a low IQ, illeterate and ignorant peseant can support a filthy party like BJP and strickingly they happens to form the major chunk of BJP and so BJP doesn't come from any educated or informed or intellegent people. The only intellingent ones in that are the ones who mastermind these crimes and yet they criticize Left and Right leaders while supporting criminals like Advani and Modi. This is precisely the reason why they don't want the major backward people to get educated and progress because then no one with common sense would rally around them just like in states like Bengal, Keral, TN etc.

BJP is supported by the 'educated'

While I agree with Indian 007's point that several media houses have willy nilly become mouthpieces of the BJP, the assertion that 'only a low IQ, illiterate and ignorant peasant' can support the BJP, shows both ignorance and class hatred.

First, the scientific basis of the concept of IQ is very weak and there is no study yet proving the correlation between low IQ and BJP support.

Second, while a vast majority of peasants may be illiterate, they are not ignorant.

Third, BJP supporters are mainly lower-middle/middle class who are not 'illiterate' and upper class (which needless to say is mostly) upper caste 'educated' people in urban areas. BJP has very little rural base and even in rural areas if they do have a base, that is also among the same upper-caste/upper class cohorts.

So if indeed the reason for support to the BJP is ignorance and illiteracy, then the 'educated' of India who take pride in the fiction of IQ are the most ignorant. Not the 'illiterate peasant'.

Thank you,srinir . I perused

Thank you,srinir . I perused the article of Siddharth Varadarajan and he correctly questions the award to Advani by the NDTV. I read your comments as well and they are very appropriate.


Indian007, Thanks for your

Indian007, Thanks for your response.

First of all, it is incorrect to say that “ NDTVs, the TOIs, the Indian Express's, The Hindu, Hindustan Times etc., have all knowingly or unknowingly become the mouthpieces for BJP”. All the media, print and electronic mentioned by you can not be painted with the same brush.

With the exception of the ‘The Hindu’, all other media groups mentioned by you are certainly anti-Left ,but they can not be said to be the mouth-pieces of the BJP. While the ‘Indian Express’ is certainly tilted towards the BJP, the NDTV, the TOI, ‘Hindustan Times’ are not so. But what is common between these media groups, again with the exception of ‘The Hindu’ is their blatant and crude attempt to promote a 2-party system in which the BJP and the Congress should be the main players in the body polity, the Left being sought to be marginalised . Their objective is to promote the BJP so as to facilitate it to become a bourgeoise political alternative to the Congress all over India so that they can alternatively come to power ,whenever the people get discontented with the party that is in power , just as it has been happening in the advanced western democracies , denying any political space for the Left alternative. The attempt of NDTVs, CNN-IBNs to confine the Indian of the year contest to the ruling class politicians ,marginalising the Left leaders is to be seen in this light. The Ambanis and Mittals rooting for Narendra Modi of the BJP as the Prime Minister also falls in the same category.

Take the case of the recent series of Terrorist attacks in the country. In all the visual media debate that followed every terrorist attack, it has been careful to confine issue between the BJP and the Congress spokespersons only. Never ever, any Left leader was invited by the media for the debate. It is in the Left ruled states , the brand of Communal politics which is partly responsible for the rise of Terrorism is unable to take strong roots. If the media had been sincere to inform the viewers of the terrorism and the need to fight it effectively, they should have given the viewers an opportunity to hear the Left point of view. But the media did not do that.

Even during the times of the so-called Ayodhya movement , the print media then gave lot of coverage to the communal poison injected by the Sangh Parivar . It is an open secret that Advani was lionised by the dominant print media then. He was even called as the ‘darling of the media’ then., just as Chandrababu Naidu was called as the darling of the media, when the Neo-Liberal policies were sought to be promoted in early 2000s. .It did not find any compunction in promoting the BJP to expand its support base among the people, particularly among the educated middle class which incidentally was more vocal in supporting the so-called economic reforms. This is not to say that the media was and is interested in BJP’s communal politics. Their main objective was to see that the BJP emerged as a bourgeoise political alternative to the Congress . But then, the BJP can not hope to emerge as an alternative to the Congress in a normal way without polarising the people on religious lines in india, given the country's complex political and social conditions . Hence, its communal politics is not strongly opposed by the dominant media . The objective was partially achieved as well, though not yet completely. .The very same middle class which is voicing its dismay over the rise of Terrorism and which has swallowed the sound bytes of ‘ Enough is enough ‘ was the one which was the most vocal in justifying and lending support to the Communal campaign of the BJP in 90s, paving the way for the rise of Terrorism in a big way now.

It is again incorrect to say that “the series of Terrorism, is nothing but the mastermind of BJP and their pimps for the most part”. The BJP has certainly some vested interests in the series of terror attacks. It could have played some role in few cases. But what you miss is the fact that there is Imperialist design in engineering the series of terror attacks. Imperialist agencies are aiding the fundamentalist and terrorist outfits both in Pkistan and India. . After all, The Talibans themselves were created in the first place by the CIA and so also Osama Bin Laden . The sinister design of US Imperialism is that it reiterates its hegemony all over the world in the name of fighting the Terrorism . In the Indian context, its aim is to blunt to struggle against the Neo-Liberal policies of the ruling class by focusing the highlight all the time on Terrorism ,not on real issues. As such, the politics of Terrorism helps the ruling class to blunt the democratic struggle being waged by the Left parties. It is again not accidental that as long as the Left was supporting the UPA Govt at the centre ,the nation was all the time debating about the real issues that affected the common people. No sooner than the withdrawal of support by the Left, there has been series of terror attacks and the focus largely is shifted to the issues of terrorism.

Such Politics suits the BJP as well so that it can keep its rhetoric against terrorism and in the process, it hopes to consolidate its hold over the masses with communal appeal on religious lines. After all, the Hindu Fundamentalism and Muslim Fundamentalism are complimentary to each other. In this, the Indian ruling class benefits.

It is wrong to attribute the BJP’s support base to people’s Low IQ and Illiteracy alone. As Chirasree rightly pointed out, that educated middle class forms a big chunk of BJP’s support base. It is the political ignorance that matters. In the absence of Left alternative in states where the BJP is strong, the educated middle class and the ignorant and rural mass- literate or illiterate, falls an easy prey to the diversionary propaganda of the communal forces.. In this, the BJP’s cause is helped by the soft Hindutava approach of the Congress party also.

Thanks once again for posting your views,.


BJP is supported by the 'educated'

I totally agree with Chirashree’s argument that the BJP supporters are all ‘educated’. At the same time I would also like to apologize and make clear that when I said ‘illiterate peasants’, I was by no means referring it to the actual peasants of India; for what have those poor people got to gain from all these nonsense. Absolutely nothing! Surely, I was referring to the so-called ‘educated’ ones from middle class that happens to make the major chunk of BJP. And I intend to keep that word ‘educated’ in quotes itself for a reason. It’s because the ‘awareness’ of this ‘educated’ mass comes mainly from their most trusted media which unfortunately have all become mouthpieces for BJP. When I read the TOI, The India Exp, Rediff, Sify, The Pioneer etc., it feels like they have been paid to sit and write crap and nothing but crap. In other words, if it was not for the mass media misinformation happening in India over the past decade or so, it would have simply been impossible for a filthy party like BJP to rise to this level. Yet millions in India gulp into this garbage without the slightest sense of doubt. In essence, it’s all about misinformation and mind-control, like what Hitler said once: “You tell a lie loud enough and long enough, it becomes a truth.” So yes, in a sense, it’s because they are 'educated' they are able to read and understand the ‘daily news’ dished out to them. But, how one handles this inform, determines the next step – ‘believing’ it, and subsequently comes the action based on that belief – support the BJP. I think this is where the intelligence & IQ factor comes into play among the ‘educated’.

On the other hand an illiterate peasant who for most part struggles to make his both ends meet and for whom these information is of little or no use is not the kind of people who actively supports a party like BJP. To BJP these people are just canon fodder or expendable goods to be used according to their wish as a means to meeting their ends. In Gujarat, it is said that most of the people belonging to Bajrang Dal are from lower castes, SC/ST etc, who go on to kill and get killed. On the other side of India, in Orissa, they are turning the tribals against tribals. In both cases, the so-called upper castes that pull the strings behind the scene have nothing to loose but all to gain. They are in a win-win situation. And this is the game which the ignorant ‘educated’ masses do not know about. Although they know to read and write, they lack sensibility or as Mr. Maran rightly pointed out, they are politically ignorant. And it’s this lack of sensibility or common sense and the collective ignorance which the so-called ‘educated’ lacks is what gives BJP its power. And in a hurry to make my point, I used words in a loose sense that totally pointed in the opposite direction. And I apologize for that…

Thank you Maran for that thoughtful comment

Thank you Maran, for that insightful write-up. I should agree that I overlooked certain facts and ignored certain areas in a hurry to make my point. The fact is, I have been writing the same or similar comments in several other websites, perhaps with little more arguments and I was quite lazy to mention the same things all over again. However, I appreciate your very thoughtful comments. In fact, one thing that I totally missed was the point you mentioned about a ploy to create a two party system in India just like in the West. I never thought of it at all, although I knew that this same 2 party system in US and other western countries have become a menace for their own people. Further, in most cases, both the parties are controlled by the same group of people at the top, just like in US where both Democrats and Republicans are controlled by the same people at the top (Corporate criminals). So it doesn’t matter who you vote for; it’s the devil in pink or the devil in blue. It doesn’t make any difference. The difference is made only in the minds of the people. But the good thing about America, UK etc., at least from my perspective is that there are several groups of people such as independent researchers, forums, alternative media, scholars including university, professors, scientists, doctors and even some religious leaders, although few in numbers, exposing these follies to the ordinary public. For instance, 7 years back when the US 9/11 happened, the entire world was fooled into believing that it was the work of some Muslim terrorists under the mastermind of a man sitting in the caves of Afghanistan. As of 2006, 39% of Americans do not believe in the official story of 9/11 any more and that’s only second to the number of people who do not believe in the official story of JFK assassination (69%). On the other hand, compare that with the Godhra genocide that happened more or less the same time. Millions are still indoctrinated by the foolishness dished out by Modi and his cohorts and they continue to believe that nonsense.

I totally agree with you on the point that with the exception of ‘The Hindu’ almost all the other major media are anti-Left. That’s an obvious fact and I have observed it many times. Yet, when I mentioned ‘The Hindu’ in the list of media in my previous comment, there was a reason. That is why I added the phrase ‘knowingly or unknowingly’ when I made the comment: ‘they became the mouthpieces for BJP’. For instance, if you look at the issues of all the major print media that came out on September 22nd, 2008, ‘The Hindu’, TOI, Hindustan Times, Deccan Chronicles, The New Indian Exp, The Indian, and a couple of others, as I came to know, all came with more or less an identical photograph of the 3 terrorists who were caught for the Delhi terror attack. According to an author, Sadanand Menon, who made a critique, it was one of those days when Indian media showed the herd-like mentality. First of all, it rarely happens that all these media come up with an identical picture on their front pages the same day. But what was strange about the photo was that there were three culprits arrested and all three of them wearing identical head-dresses like the typical Palestinian Rumaal. Some sensible people in India later raised the question of, “who dressed them up in that head-dress?” Because we know that usually when criminals are arrested, they cover their face with a hand kerchief or a towel. Later, upon enquiry, the Delhi police commissioner’s confession came where he said, that they were the ones who dressed them up in that head-dress and even more bizarre was that they had already bought and stocked these head dresses or veils in their station ready to be used. So what does that mean? No major media came up with this question, except Hindustan Times with a small critique, two days later. On one hand, the veils indeed conceal the identity of the individuals (who knows if they are paid goons) while on the other hand it definitely reveals the identity of these culprits to a particular community or clan. It was a clever subliminal message. Further, I also read criticism about ‘The Hindu’ and ‘TOI’ for cooking up their own stories whenever a terror attack happens, linking it to Muslim organizations, even before an investigation is started. Back in May 2008, there was a blast in Hubli court in Karnataka. There were no casualties as it was a holiday or so. As usual, the fingers were pointed at SIMI and some other Muslim organization. However, now it’s been proven that a Pramod Muthalik, Sangh Parivar members were involved in the blast. Similarly, scores of innocent muslims were arrested as culprits or in suspicion of the terror attacks but the media never reports what happened to them later. In several cases, it was reported that many of them were released as the police could find no evidence of their involvement. This will never make it to the news. And with the introduction of the Draconian UAPA laws, now a suspect can be detained until he is proven innocent. So far, it was the other way, a suspect is innocent until proven guilty. So think about a time in the future when Islamic terrorism is all dealt with. Are they going to strip the UAPA, POTA laws? I don’t think so, instead they would most probably be used against citizens who so dare to oppose the government or state.

Another interesting example was when the Bangalore and Ahmedabad terror attacks happened in July 2008 on consecutive days. Immediately, TOI came up with the titles, “BJP ruled states under attack”, “BJP ruled Madhya Pradesh under high alert”, etc. Why would someone link BJP when they are addressing terrorism? So they were giving the clue just in case people failed to connect the dots. When the Bombay metro bombings happened in 2006, which killed more than 100 people, no one said, Congress ruled state under attack and so does when attacks happened in any other non-BJP ruled states. Doesn’t that mean a clear indication of media’s inclination to BJP to get the sympathy of masses and on the other hand they condemn Congress for their soft stance and Communist has become a laughing stock for them. Consequently, Advani came up with the ‘solution’ that POTA be implemented as if it was because of the lack of POTA these terror attacks happened. To me these were all clear and very methodical of the fascist way in which America operates. On the pretext of ‘Terrorism’, they have introduced Draconian laws like the Anti-terror laws, Patriot Law, etc. which only took the freedom and liberty of an average American public.

Their aversion to Left parties was clearly evident from the recent nuclear deal. The media even went to the extent of making ridiculous comments like the Left will be happy if the deal was struck between India and China, owing to China’s communist regime. And even more ludicrous was the state of those gullible cattle who believed such nonsense. On the other hand, it is well known that most of the countries which US financed or supported, had later became the axis of evil or have been demonized, starting with the Panama. Today’s example would be Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran etc., who were all once technically or financially supported by America and today they have all become the axis-of-evil. So, could the nuclear deal be a trap for sending India into a web of debt by which they could take away the sovereignty of India and her people and impose regulations and restrictions on it. For instance, a failure of the smooth operation of the proposed project may send India into spiraling debt which could end up India selling her assets (agricultural lands, human labour, profitable business, Railways, Telecom etc.) to the Global elites running the show. This is where I come in total agreement with your comment on the influence of Imperialist’s hands behind India.

This is where one should be very much careful with the rise of the Ambanis and the Mittals and the likes and their business monopolies. Just like the telecom, the Railways – which is a profitable source for India, can easily be privatized and taken away by some of these growing millionaires and once it’s in the hands of such criminal corporates, it can easily be used to control the people, just like what’s happening in United States. Gnani Sankaran in his article, “Taj: Icon of who’s India”, clearly mentions a fact and that is: “Dictators and terrorists are just two sides of the same coin and both have always been the best friends of business men”. So it makes every sense, when you said that Ambanis and Mittals support criminals like Modi to become the PM.

This brings us to the issue of external influence in Indian affairs. Surely, the Imperialists have vested interest in fueling up the tension between India and Pakistan and I would agree that they are funneling money for terrorist. The attack of Indian embassy in Kabul and to a certain extent the recent Mumbai terror attack, could be considered as an attempt to provoke India to enter into a war or be an ally with US in their phony war against terror. However, many of the Indians that I found in several forums were unable to digest the link between ISI and CIA. ISI and Pakistan was sufficient a crap for the islamophobists and the hate propagators of India and they either failed to look beyond or they didn’t want to fiddle with the great monster. The CIA funds Al-Qeida using ISI as a go-between. In fact, almost all the terrorist outfit in South Asia is funded by CIA using ISI as a mid-man and that’s the reason why many geo-political analysts call ISI as the ‘Trojan-Horse of America’. However, this sounded alien to many of the Indian friends in several other forums.

There has been immense media hype over the past few months on the rising menace of Terrorism. A few hundrends of innocent lives were also sacrificed for the cause. But there's yet another avenue which most media and many people simply ignore. It's the rising number of deaths of poor Indian farmers. If my sources of informations are correct, there are about 140,000 farmers who committed suicide over the past few years owing to the mounting debt and failed crops. Many of these farmers were forced to renouce traditional crops and traditional farming methods and were wooed into farming Genetically Modified seeds which has terminator technologies built-in. With terminator technology and the sinister patent associated with, a farmer cannot save the seeds as they used to do it for centuries. As many crops failed leading many farmers to debt, they resort to committing suicide. Now the biggest question? Where are their farm-lands and possessions ending up. I would assume it's all going to end up as collateral or assests to the money lenders from whom they borrowed. When these lands are accumulated in private hands, couldn't it end up being bought by multinational corporations like the Monsantos or their cohorts in India like the Ambanis and Mittals and Tatas and so on. But the problem is, as Henry Kissinger once commented:
"Those who control the food, control the people; those who control the energy, control the continent and those who control the money, control the world." Soon every aspect of human life will be in private hands - the elites, and the multitude of people will be forced to labour for the benefit of these handful of elites. A new form of society may emerge, with a modern form of slavery where a few elites own and control almost all the natural resources of the world and earn enormous profits by forcing millions of people work for them for a near slavery wage. Wouldn't that be equivalent to our age-old feudal system that existed in India where the so-called elites controlled and owned everything and reaped the benefits and ate the fruits of some poor people’s labour? No wonder why they rally behind the Brainless Junk Pigs (BJP) to make a modern feudalistic system.

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