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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mysterious Deaths of 911 Witnesses

I have posted an article written by
Elizabeth Woodworth titled "The Media Response to the Growing Influence of the 9/11 Truth Movement: A Survey of Attitude Change in 2009-2010". This attitude change in main-stream media happened because of the influence of the 9/11 Truth Movement which exposed the folly of the official 9/11 story. The MSM, despite their efforts to defend the official story, was pushed to the corner by the overwhelming evidences brought to light by the Truth Movement. According to some sources, as of 2006, about 40% of America did not believe in the official 9/11 story at all. This is only second to the number of people who did not believe in the official story of JFK assasination, which is about 70%.Some of the sources of evidence that gave credibility and support to the 9/11 Truth Movement were the number of eye witnesses account. Their testimonies were different from that of the official 9/11 story.

n the years following JFK's assasination, it is said that many witnesses of the assasination were murdered or died a mysterious death. The numbers were something between 100 - 175. It appears that a similar trend is working out with the 9/11 key witnesses as well. Mysterious Deaths of 911 Witnesses is a short video compilation showing the disappearance or mysterious deaths of some of the key witnesses of 9/11. Some of the names listed in the video are:

Barry Jennings: Former New York Housing Authority Emergency Coordinator. Barry reported that he and Michael Hess was blown back by big explosions in WTC 7. Here is a quick interview by ABC with Barry Jennings on the early afternoon of 9/11 where he said on camera that he heard big explosion. He also mentions that Rudi Guliani (the contestant for 2008 Presidential election) was there in WTC-7 and evacuated the building before it collapsed while many other fire-fighters died. This can be confirmed from other sources as well. Later, Barry was interviewed by 911Loosechange where he testifies on camera about what he saw and did that day. However, later the British Brainwashing Coorporation (BBC) conducted and interview with him where Barry contradicted his statements given in previous interviews with which BBC came out and tried to discerdit 911Loosechange. Please see the following video links [1], [2], [3]. Barry died mysteriously on August 19, 2008, at the age of 53, two days before the release of the NIST report.

Beverly Eckert: Eckert who lost her husband on 9/11 and who did not believed the official 9/11 story died in a mysterious commuter airplane crash on February 12, 2009 at the age of 57. She met with Obama a week before as an advocate for those affected by 9/11.

Kenneth Johannemann: A janitor in the WTC was reported as seen explosions on the basement and upper floors of the tower. He reported a massive explosion on the basement of one of the Twin Towers. Kenneth died from a gun shot to his head from an apparent suicide on September 2008. Ken's testimony shot live on the day of 9/11 can be found here. (see 5.57 to 6.20 min). Another short clip of Ken's interview on the same day can be found here.

Michael H. Doran: A 9/11 victims lawyer who volunteered to help victims receive compensation. He died on April 28, 2009 when his single engine plane crashed in Ohio.

Christopher Landis: Former Operations Manager for Safety Service Patrol for the Virginia Department of Transportation. About a week after the film (The PentaCon) makers had obtained the CITGO witnesses testimony, Christopher Landis committed suicide.

Bertha Champagne: A baby sitter of Marvin Bush's family. Marvin is the younger brother of George Bush, who was the Director of Securecom which was in charge of the security of WTCs. Bertha was found crushed to death by her own vehicle on October 10, 2003 at the age of 62, in the driveway of Bush family home.

Paul Smith: Pilot of ABC's 9/11 "Internation Shot" Chopper who caught the 2nd plane fly into the tower. Paul was killed on October 7, 2007 when he was run over by a cab driver who was cut off by a 'black car'.

Deborah Palfrey: She ran a prostitution ring that had top 9/11 preps among its clients. Former CIA director and co-chair of Joint 9/11 Inquiry Porter Goss who resigned in May 2006 for his alleged involvement in prostitution scandel was having breakfast with the head of Pakistan's ISI General Mahmud; the man who ordered a $100,000 to alleged lead hijacker Mohammed Atta. Palfrey was stated as saying, "I have information that would have been of great interest to the 9/11 Commission". An interview of her with Alex Jones can be found here. Here is a Fox news clip that raise questions about this issue. She was found dead on April 15, 2008. Police claims that she committed suicide although she has gone on record saying that she will never commit suicide.

Salvatore Princiotta: A first resonder fire fighter from Ladder 9. On May 23rd, 2007 he was found murdered.

David Graham: saw 3 of the alleged hijackers in Sheveport with a Pakistani businessman prior to 9/11. David Graham was found poisoned to death on September 17th, 2006. Graham's death was never investigated.

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