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Monday, March 22, 2010

Transition from Globalization to a World Government

Our real enemy, the ultra-rich International Bankers/Corporate-Military-Industrial-Complex/Aristocratic/Masonic elites are implementing the final stages of their long-awaited goal: the ushering in of a World Government. We as a people have come to the verge of a great transition now - a Paradigm Shift, as they call it. It's the transformation from the 'Old Order' to a 'New Order', that they want to bring about in the so-called New Age of Aquarius. We have travelled the path of 'Globalization' for the past 20 years and what's happening now is the transition from what was known as 'Globalization' to what will be known as a 'World Government'. The Economic Crisis, War on Terror, Global Warming are some of the key transition mechanisms orchestrated and micro-managed by these New World Order (NWO) elites to usher in their long-awaited 'One World Government'. These current crisis were engineered and did not happen by accident and its purpose is to bring an end to Globalization and give birth to the next stage in the New World Order, which is the World Government.

This term 'One World Government' or 'New World Order', which was sparingly used by leaders and media up until a decade ago is now bursting out from everywhere. We see President Obama, the President of EU Herman Van Rompuy, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Henry Kissinger, the main-stream media and all the top notch leaders from across the globe (puppets of the oligarchy) openly speak of NWO which they never dared to talk in public, a decade or two ago, except through subliminal messages. Now we have an Orwellian state already operating under our nose. A typical example would be Barak Obama being presented with the Nobel Peace Price while he is sending out more and more troops to bomb Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is typical of the Orwellian state where the news speaks 'War is Peace'.

The last NWO macro-transition happened 20 years ago with the fall of USSR that brought an end to the bipolar world of post World War-II. This was symbolized by the fall of Berlin Wall and it ushered in the era of 'Globalization'. Now, we are undergoing another macro-transition which is triggering a vast complex mechanism that is geared on bringing an end to 'Globalization' and usher in the 'World Government'. It was the end of USSR, 20 years ago, that marked the birth of 'Globalization' and this time it's going to be the end of USA that will mark the birth of 'World Government'. Again, it's symbolized by the fall of a wall - the Wall Street. As for the NWO elite, the US was the single largest force that stood in their way capable of defending the world. Once US falls the rest of the countries will follow. Thanks to the apathy of American public which resulted in incompetent people, traitors and puppets reaching influential positions of US government and administrations who in turn were acting as agents of the NWO while destroying the great nation from within.

The Economic crisis that we have just seen is the tip of an iceberg. A cataclysmic global economic collapse is just waiting on the wings. This will end the US dollar as a world currency and consequently would bring in a global currency preferably in electronic form. The electronic cash which remains as some numbers in a microchip* would most likely be the new generation money so that the Ponzi masters will have remote access/control over it. They can take away whatever money they want (as tax, fine, fees etc.), whenever they want and can turn off the chip if you protest against them. The economic meltdown and the consequent massive unemployment could result in huge social unrest which in turn will invoke the Martial Law in United States as well as in other countries. The assassination of a 'prominent figure' could also trigger this or add more fuel to the existing civil unrest.

The 'War on Terror' joke is just a method of scare-mongering and is perpetrated to strip individual freedoms and rights in the name of security. The ultimate goal of this 'War on Terror' hoax is to invoke Martial Law whereby democratic countries will no more be democratic but become dictatorships. US or India, the recurring 'War on Terror' hoax is simply a mechanism or method to systematically strip the people of their rights one by one, granted by the Constitution.

Finally, the 'Global Warming' hoax is to tax every human being on the planet to poverty in the pretext of Carbon footprints and environmentalism. Remember, Environmentalism is a CULT and has nothing to do with saving the planet. The corporations, owned by the International Bankers, that pushes unrealistic Consumerism are the same people pushing the Global warming propaganda. Remember, Global depopulation is at the heart of this environmentalist cult. This is simply the reason why the global warming crowd points their finger at the people as the cause for global warming and melting icecaps on EARTH while they cannot explain what human activity could have caused the ice caps on planet MARS to melt. So their enemy is mankind and as for them, 6.5 billion people is simply too many people on this planet for them to manage. The end goal of Global warming & Environmentalism is to push millions or billions of people into poverty and eventually to their death so that they can reduce the population of the world to a managable number. Just think about how they are going to do it: Wars ?, Famine ?, Pandemics created in labs ?, Vaccines ?...

Transitional triggers for world government

The above mentioned major crisis and variations of it are simply triggers for transition from 'Globalization' to a 'World Government'. Adrian Salbuchi, founder of the Argentine Second Republic Movement clearly analyze and lay out these triggers in his forecast for the coming years. It should be a warning to all the sleeping masses (particularly middle-class) of the world. The following points are the concise version of his analysis:

1. Financial collapse - requiring creation of a world currency and financial system.

2. Economic collapse - End of United States & other Nations as we know and emergence of EU model geo-political-economic regions.

3. Huge social unrest - Usher in Martial law (US first) and in other countries particularly those that are democratic in form so as to instill a dictatorial form of Government.

4. Virus pandemics - corporate-created, requiring mandatory use of vaccines and RFID chips. Remember, the Global government has a Global depopulation agenda being worked out whose goal is to reduce the global population to about 1 billion. The Georgia Guide Stones limits it to 500 million. This requires the elimination of 4 to 5 billion people from the face of the Earth. Just imagine how they do it. Strains of viruses used in vaccines can also be developed to target certain specific ethinic groups.

5. Global warming - world taxation and reduced standards of living are the end result. The taxation becomes easier if the money is in electronic form or electronic cash.

6. Another super 9/11 - We will not be surprised to see another false-flag attack from US/UK/Israeli intelligence. Already, there are indications that one or more cities in US would be blown up. The question is: Who is going to be the new enemy to blame it on? If it happens, we wouldn't be surprised to see Iran blamed for it most likely? Or could China be also linked? This would be to justify and reinforce the bogus 'War on Terror'.

7. War in the Middle East - It's just waiting on the wings. The trigger could be Iran & Israel which would eventually pull major nations into it, in particualr America.

8. Nuclear accident requiring world government control of all nuclear materials/weapons.

From an Indian perspective, I have been suspecious of the Indo-US Nuclear deal from its very beginning. Could that be a trap hatched for India to submit her Nuclear development programs to a world authority? Let's wait and see.

9. Possible assassination of major world leader. The civil unrest in America could be brought about easily by a complete economic collapse. The attacking a 'popular' figure could also trigger this in US or it could be others outside US. The end result would again be enactment of Martial Law. You can bet that before Barak Obama steps down from Presidency, the US Constitution will be torn down and most likely a Martial Law will be instilled.

10. Destruction of "terrorist" nations. - Take over the nations, mostly third world tcountries that won't go well with the NWO. This includes the take over of countries, mostly the ones that are rich in natural resources thereby putting the world's (read people's) resources into the hands of a few.

11. A World Religion and staged Religious Event: The World Government will usher in a New Religion - a sort of World Religion will start to appear. Of course, this requires the elimination or quarantine of a good number of fundemental believers of all the monotheistic religions**. The World Council of Churches and its Ecumenical movement pushed forward by the clandestine operations of Rome had already brought in an alternate form of spirituality to the west. Thanks to the agents of Emergent and Emerging Church Movements for bringing apostasy by pulling people out from Bible believing churches and turning them over to mystery Babylon. NASA now has the technology to stage the Rapture and the 2nd coming of the Messiah (see Project Blue Beam), perhaps by holographic projection in the sky using satellites.

12. ET/Staged Event: The last and final card in their pack will be the contacts with Extraterrestrial (ET) beings. This will be their trump card to rally all the people behind them to support the World Government. As the enemy is gobal, this will bring all the people of the globe to unite under them. However, the truth is that they have already established contacts with ETs at least 60 to 70 years ago. NASA has a wing called SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) that research and probe into outerspace for the existence of Intelligent life. However, SETI is simply a front organization or a cover. That means, when the time is right, SETI will be the one to announce to the world about contacts with ETs and their existence.

Don't make the mistake that these points are simply some opinions of Adrian Salbuchi. Salbuchi seems to have done his homework and you can verify this simply by doing your own research individually on all of the topics.

In essence, the World Government that's unfolding in front of us will be sort of a Socialist or Marxist form of government where everything would seemingly be run by Public institutions but owned privately by a few elites from behind the seen.

Watch this interesting video of Adrian Salbuchi

* Soon I will be posting an article on "The Microchipped Generation" which is under preparation.

** I had a reason to say monotheistic religions and I will show this in my article on the "Three World Wars" that's also under preparation.

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