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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Modi, Gujarat and the Development Propaganda

Recently, there has been several articles popping up in the media praising Gujarat, Modi and the developments happening there, while attributing all these achievements to Chief Minister (CM), Modi (See e.g.). The more you look into it, the more it appears to be a propaganda to white-wash a rotten thug whose image was tarnished in the aftermath of the 2002 genocide. It looks like a desperate effort from the part of corporations and their controlled media to resurrect a nasty criminal from neck-deep shit and paint a whole new picture of him to make him appeal to the masses. It's evident even from this very article cited in example from NYTimes. It starts with talking about developments, achievements, big business, big names but switches gear immediately to Modi, talks about Modi and ends with Modi. After all, media can make and break leaders; media can make and break nations. That's the power of media. Further, it's not the people that make leaders anymore but corporations and their controlled media (Nira Radia tapes are simply the tip of an iceberg or the Indian version of a global phenomena). So in such a virtual world created by the media, figures like Modi or any other clown can be the King or the Hero.

Here, Modi is equated with Development and Development is equated with big business/money/investment/corporations. Does development means big business? What about intellectual/educational development? What about literacy rate? What about human rights and Justice in Gujarat? What about the ethnic cleansing happening there? How many media report on that? Further, Gujarat has been a prosperous state even before Modi became its CM.

A dictatorial form of government with ample supply of slave labour is the best form of government for big business to flourish. Such a Government would provide them with the cheap labour and resources they need while the people will be constantly kept under the control of the dictator. Dig a little into the history of the world's most treacherous regimes, dictators, tyrants; you will CERTAINLY find big money and big business behind it. So Modi and Gujarat are no surprise. I think that's the reason why the Ambanis, Mittals, and Tatas were supporting Modi for National leadership during last general elections. Perhaps, the objective of these kind of articles popping up in the recent days, are also aimed at grooming Modi as a potential Prime ministerial candidate for the 2014 elections (as indicated in the article), while at the same time prepare the hearts and minds of the people to accept him, by boosting his credentials.

Corporate criminals always prefer a centralized or a dictatorial form of government (Communist, Fascist or Nazi etc.) so that they only need to control the dictator who will be in charge of the entire people. The big corporations of America and their businesses and profits, for instance, thrive on the slave labour available in China, Indonesia and other parts of the world. From a global perspective, it's no more a secret that the biggest terrorists in the world are the International Bankers and the Transnational Corporations. Traditionally, they have financed both sides of the war, funded dictators, terrorists and tyrannical regimes. Bolshevik revolution, Hitler, etc., stands out as some of the best examples. In the case of Gujarat, I believe it's a Fascist state in the making, perhaps a smaller model of what future India would look like if people won't guard their freedom and liberty.

Some years ago, there was a techno-savvy CM in the state of Andhra Pradesh (AP), Chandrababu Naidu. As far as I know, no other CMs made as many number of foreign trips as he did to bring in industries to AP. He was said to carry a laptop & PowerPoint presentations wherever he went. He was successful to a certain extent in bringing businesses to Hyderabad and changed the whole look of Hyderabad that some people even called him the CM of Hyderabad. However, while making those cosmetic touch to Hyderabad, he ignored a vast majority of his people who survived on agriculture and farming.

Between 1997 and 2007, 182,000 plus farmers committed suicide in India. This is 2 to 3 times more than the total number of people killed by terrorists in India over the last 2 decades, since 'terrorism' became a menace. But which of these issues does the media hype? The most number of these suicides came from the state that had the most number of millionaires. Just do a simple math on the suicide rate per year. The suicides were a result of mounting debt incurred by those poor farmers. There's no doubt that multi-national corporations and their promoters in India were pushing many farmers to give up traditional farming and take up new forms of farming and GM cra(o)ps which pushed them to the point of bankruptcy and suicide. But the biggest question is: WHERE ARE THEIR FARMLANDS, PROPERTIES OR POSSESSIONS ENDING UP? Are we slowly slipping into a new form of the the age old filthy feudal system, where people's properties/possessions are being systematically seized by deliberately sending them to debt? To cite an example: Back in late 2005 or early 2006, during the time when the housing bubble was happening in America, I happen to come across a documentary which talked about the fiat money system in America and the goal of the money masters. They said, the housing bubble is a trap and it was to hook as many Americans as possible into the trap, so that when the time is ripe, they will pull the plug and the banks will call back their loans. That's when the Americans are going to lose all their possessions. That's exactly what happend 2 or 3 yrs later. They also said that it was designed to wipe out a major chunk of the middle-class and what remains would be a vast majority of slave population indebted to a small group of extremely wealthy people/owners (bankers/loaners etc.). "... the debtor is a slave unto the lender".

There are numerous other examples like that from across the globe. The best source I've seen so far is the book by John Perkins: Confessions of an Economic Hitman. In a nutshell, it says, The Primary Goal of Economic Consultants who Serve International Lending Agencies is to Create Massive Debt in Third-World Countries"

In his own words, he says:

...there were two primary objectives of my work [at Chas. T. Main, Inc., an economic consulting firm]. First, I was to justify huge international loans that would funnel money back to MAIN and other U.S. companies (such as Bechtel, Halliburton, Stone & Webster, and Brown and Root) through massive engineering and construction projects. Second, I would work to bankrupt the countries that received these loans (after they had paid MAIN and the other U.S. contractors, of course) so that they would be forever beholden to their creditors, and so they would present easy targets when we needed favors, including military bases, UN votes, or access to oil and other natural resources".

This barely known method of conquest is very effective and yet very deceptive. In light of this, one can easily get a glimpse of where the mass suicides among farmers in India are going. I have even seen reports from Andhra Pradesh talking about farmlands being turned into mining fields, particularly after the death of former Chief Minister Y.S.R. Reddy. What a 'timely' death Mr. Reddy, else you might have been an obstacle in their way for another 5 years. This, I believe, is also true of what the Naxalite hunting in NE India is all about and where it's going. Steal the land from the very people and turn it over to offshore corporate criminals. The people who pick up arms to fight against are branded as Naxalites/Maoists and those activists who stand for their rights are branded as national security threats.

Reminds me of the saying: "control the food supply, you control the people; control the energy supply, you control the nations; control the money supply and you control the world".

Sometimes, it's hard to comprehend the ideals behind a people whose opinions are shaped by the purveyors of lies in the media. So, when the 'great' Laloo was inducted into the previous ministry, there was a big hue and cry from the media, and so the people, accusing him as a tainted minister because he was involved in the 1000 crores fodder scam. However, the same cattle had no shame in turning around and supporting another criminal who was responsible for the slaughter of more than 1000 innocent lives. 1000 crores or 1000 lives, either way, you are left to make choices between two criminals. Sounds like the American concept of 'the lesser of the two evils'. While these crooks, crims and thugs continue to plunder India and be praised for that, leaders who may have found some favour among his people (e.g., Y.S.R. Reddy) die in mysterious helicopter accidents, police officers (e.g. Karkare & his Assoc.) and lawyers (e.g. Shahid Azmi) who happen to unearth the deep roots of terrorism and close in on the real culprits die mysteriously or get murdered; human rights activists (e.g. Dr. Sen) who stand for the rights of poor & underprivileged are branded as National Security threats and put behind bars, sensible ministers who find acceptance among the masses (e.g., Shashi Tharoor) are kicked out of the ministry as quickly as possible; journalists and authors (e.g. Arundhati Roy) who try to expose these are mocked and ridiculed by the barking dogs of the modern media.

Above all, it's a national shame that a country with a billion plus population cannot find one decent man who could do the things which Modi is credited with doing and yet not find himself in the hell-fire club.

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