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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

FOX NEWS Makes it Appear as a Big Surprise: Was the Underwear Bomber an Insider Job?

"The easiest way to gain control of a population is to carry out acts of terror. [The public] will clamor for such laws if their personal security is threatened" ~ Joseph Stalin

The following is a clipping from Fox News reporting from the Federal Court in Detroit where the underwear bomber Umar Abdul Mutallab, who is accused of trying to blow up the passanger plane on Christmas day 2009, was taken for trial recently. Fox News makes it appear as a big surprise when a couple of passengers who were in the same flight turned up at the court to testify their eyewitness account of that event. Note that the reporter says, "they have an interesting theory about what really happened".

The couple whom the reporter is referring to were Mr. Kurt Haskell and his wife Lori Haskell who travelled in the same flight (North West Airlines Flight 253) on Christmas day 2009 from Amsterdam to Detroit. They were key eyewitnesses to some strange happenings at the Amsterdam airport while waiting to board the flight. Prior to boarding the flight, Kurt Haskell and his wife, {testified live on CNN (see Link [1])}, witnessed a "smartly dressed Indian man" who spoke "in an American accent" escort Abdul Muttalab to the ticket agent at the gate helping him get on the plane. Haskell says, only the 'Indian man' spoke and he told the ticket agent that "this man needs to board the plane and he doesn't have a passport". The ticket agent refused to allow Abdul Mutallab on the plane because he did not have his passport. In response, the wealthy looking 'Indian man' said: "he is from Sudan, we do this all the time". Who is this mystery 'Indian man' who played a key role in getting Abdul Muttalab on the plane? Why no media talks about him and why would any investigating agency refuse to track him down?

The authorities, however, seems to have completely ignored this key eyewitness account so that an year later, Fox News makes it appear as a total surprise. Kurt Haskell is a lawyer by profession and hence qualifies as a really good witness who is trained to be able to carefully document things. Therefore, his words cannot be simply discarded. What's bizarre about the incident is that nobody cares to trace or talk about the sharp dressed 'Indian looking man' who seemed to have escorted Abdul Mutallab to the gate at Amsterdam airport. Yet, it's based on this dubious event that TSA appeared on the scene demanding all airports to have body scanners.

The FBI interrogated Haskell at his office few days after the incident. Shortly after this FBI interrogation, Kurt Haskell appeared on the Alex Jones show and posted below are the links to his interview with Alex Jones. It is interesting to note that the FBI brought some photos of suspected terrorists but never really cared to bring the video footages from Amsterdam airport. Any investigating officer should have first obtained the video from Amsterdam airport to trace the well-dressed Indian looking man. This would have been the key thread to unravelling the whole episode of the underwear bomber. Once again we see a blatant disregard for truth from the side of the investigating agencies.

Kurt Haskell's interview with Alex Jones after FBI Interrogation - 1

Kurt Haskell's interview with Alex Jones after FBI Interrogation - 2

Kurt Haskell's interview with Alex Jones after FBI Interrogation - 3

Although, Fox News makes it appear as a surprise, the fact is that this couple has already come on air, even on mainstream media, just after the incident, an year ago. Unfortunetely, no security officials have taken their testimony seriously or they have simply turned a deaf year to the couple's plea. Perhaphs, this is why they were present at the Federal Court in Detroit where Abdul Muttalab was brought for trial.

We all know that it was after this incident that TSA's body scanners appeared at the airports. In fact, just hours after this incident, we began hearing the news channels hype it and officials talking about beefing up the security apparatus in airports by possibly bringing in body scanners. How could they have come to such a solution so quickly in matter of hours unless they already had this solution in mind well in advance.

There are few other dots that needs to be connected in order to see the bigger picture.

Abdul Mutallab comes from an affluent family and had a decent educational background. Abdul Mutallab is the youngest of the 16 children of his father who is one of the richest men in Africa and the former Chairman of First Bank of Nigeria and former Nigerian Federal Commissioner for Economic Development. According to Wikipeida, Abdul Mutallab did his schooling at the British International School in Lomé, the capital of Togo and later proceeded to earn his Mechanical Engineering degree from the University College London in June 2008.

Apparently, Mutallab's background also seems to show him having connections with some extremist groups in Yemen. It's reported that Abdul Mutallab's father himself alarmed the U.S. Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria, on November 19 regarding his son's "extreme religious views" and his involvement with Al Qaeda. Further, Mutallab's name was also in the 'no-fly' list. So, here we are talking about an young man with a decent educational background but having connections with some terror networks, get on a plane without even a passport and then do something stupid altogether. A few questions come to my mind though:

1) How could a man who is known for his suspecious background and in the 'no-fly' list manage to get on a plane even without a passport?

2) Why did he do something so stupid sitting in his own seat surrounded by passengers that even a grade school student would not think of donig?

3) Eyewitnesses/passengers from the flight, including Kurt Haskell, also confirms that 2 people were arrested by the FBI at the Detroit Airport on that eventful day but we hear only about Abdul Mutallab in the media and in the official version of the story? Who was the other person arrested by the FBI and why don't we hear about him?

Given his rich family background and the credentials he hold, Abdul Mutallab should be considered as a reasonably intelligent man. What's strange about the whole scenario is the sheer stupidity in the act of such a reasonably intelligent man. How could a person with reasonable intelligence and commonsense sit in his seat and try to light up his underwear while being surrounded by passangers. Sounds so silly! If he was really serious about what he was doing, he could have gone to the toilet/washroom, locked the door and then tried lighting the explosives. The case sounds more like a fabricated one and even more it insults the intelligence of the American public.

Further, here we see a person with suspecious background and in the 'no-fly' list being escorted to the flight by smart-dressed, wealthy looking individuals, when that person doesn't even have a passport. How many of us have had that rare opportunity of passing through the security checks and getting to the boarding gate without a passport, let alone get into the airport itself? Some things doesn't really add up here.

Last time when I was passing through the London Heathrew Airport, I found those officials at the security check asking mothers with infants to taste the baby food, milk, water and other food items they were carrying for thier children. I was laughing in my mind. Despite all these stringent measures, the shoe bombers, the underwear bombers and the likes continue to walk in to the planes with ease, as and when they wish; some without passport; some even escorted by officials. On the other hand, because of these bogus events, the ordinary people have to shamelessly subject themselves to the harrasment of those newly appointed Crotch Watchers with their Porno-Scanners and even worse to the sexual assault procedure of groping or pat-down, which by the way might quench the pleasures of some sodomites and pedophiles. As a result, pornography, pedophilia and sodomites can now operate in public by Government's approval because I wonder what other kind of people can consciously susbcribe to such 'sexual assualt' procedures like groping and crotch watching. I even heard on a radio talk show, that passengers who refuse to go through the porno-scanners for fear of ionizing radiations, which takes detailed graphics of their naked bodies, but opt for the physical or sexual assault procedure of groping or pat-down, now run the risk of contracting diseases like herpes, crabs etc., because the officials don't change their gloves.

It all looks like the government was hand-in-glove with some business conglomerates looking for a new avenue to expand their markets. Now that airports across the United States are required to install these new porn-machines, they have opened up an avenue for a whole new business venture and perhaphs employment opportunities for potential sodomites and pedophiles. And all these things are pushed down our throats in the name of security because of that one phony underwear bomber.

How long are the people of this world going to take all this nonsense?


[1] Testimoy Aired in CNN on the day of Event

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