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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Fluoride Deception

The following are two videos showing the adverse effects of Fluoride in water. 66% of US water supply is fluoridated with industrial toxic waste - Sodium Fluoride. The official version is that Fluoride is good for the teeth and it reduces dental cavities. The flip-side is that fluoride causes dental fluorosis, brain damage and other neurological conditions not to mention the fact that it causes infertility and cancer. Note that the Nazis as well as the Communists used fluoride in water supply to make the population docile because they knew fluoride was neorotoxic. The following two videos are just 2 out of the many documentaries out there which proves that Fluoride is dangerously toxic to the health of humans as well as animals and plants. Many countries are banning this 'pseudo-science' of fluoridating public water supply. You can also find some related articles and videos in the following link:

Public meetings to end to fluoridation of water systems

Dr. Paul Connett has put up a Flouride Action Network (FAN) website: www.flouridealert.org, where you can find many articles and news on toxicity of fluoride compounds and impacts of fluoride exposures in order to broaden public awareness.

Natural News.TV

The Fluoride Deception - FULL LENGTH

Here's a third educational lecture given by Dr. Stanley Monteith on the subject of Fluoride Deception. He goes into the history and science of fluoride toxicity as well in detail.

The Hidden Agenda: Fluoride Deception by Dr. Stanley Monteith

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