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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sikh Massacre: Eyewitness Testimony CONTRADICTS Official Story

In less than two weeks time, after the Colorado "Batman" movie theatre shootings, which killed a dozen people and injured scores of others, a similar scenario emerges, this time at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin, killing half a dozen people and injuring several others. The official reports from main stream media claim that a lone gun man single-handedly carried out the shootings in each incidents. However, testimonies by eyewitnesses from either events claim that there were multiple shooters. What is interesting is the ever growing inconsistency in media coverage of such crimes. Have a look at the video clippings below from both incidents where eye witness accounts totally CONTRADICTS the official stories.

Hardly a week ago, I wrote on how the calls for "Gun Control" is being pushed down the throats of Americans in the wake of the Colorado "Batman" shootings. Shortly after, we hear this Sikh temple massacre. It seems more Gun Control nonsense is coming down the pipe after the Sikh Temple shootings in Wisconsin. When it comes to mass murders like this, there is a common thread among the major cases that we have seen in recent years that has nothing to do with guns at all. The mainstream media does not talk about it, but the truth is that mass murderers are almost always found to be on legal drugs of one kind or another.

Sikh Massacre: Eyewitness Testimony CONTRADICTS Official Story

Batman Massacre: Eyewitness Testimony CONTRADICTS Official Story

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