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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Drugging of Our Children

Millions of children in America are put on psychotropic drugs such as Ritalin, Paxil, Zoloft and even Prozac for presumed disorders such as Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD). There is no proper medical diagonostic methods to determine who has ADHD and who has not. Yet, around 6 to 7 million children in America takes one of these drugs every morning before going to school. According to experts, these drugs help if the person is clinically depressed; but if not, the drugs can have deadly side-effects on some children. The documentary "The Drugging of Our Children" shows how millions of children in America are premanently brain-damaged by use of these anti-depressants and stimulants which are often prescribed without proper diagnosis. It is said that doctors rely on a set of standardized assesments as well as observations and impressions of teachers and guardians to decide whether a child has ADHD or not. It looks like there is an accepted code of behaviour according to which a child is supposed to behave and anyone who thinks or acts a bit outside of the accepted code is considered abnormal and has to be drugged in order to 'normalize' their behaviour. When children are put on these mind-altering drugs for long periods of time, the consequences are so bad that they can even turn out to become drug addicts and criminals. There should be no surprise to the soaring number of crimes and violence in America, since many children who are drugged from a very early age turn into full fledged drug addicts, criminals and psychics, by the time they reach adulthood. The school system works hand-in-glove with various government agencies to force parents to drug their children, threatening those who refuse with the prospect of having their children taken out of their homes.

As cited in the video, there are several agencies that benifit from this crisis. The school receives more federal funding on behalf of the number of children with disorders, the classrooms become more managable for the teachers, the pharmaceutical companies make huge profit over these drugs and consequently the physicians who prescribe it as well. One should not forget the fact that the Big Brother also has got a double advantage in drugging its children: On one hand it gets to have control over the thoughts and actions of the children from a very early age as well as mould their behaviour according to certain stipulated 'set of beliefs', while on the other hand, the crimes and violence that emanate as a result of this crisis can be used to impose further control and restrictions on the society as a whole. This leads to more and more powers being taken away from the people (Democracy) and vested in the hands of the government controlled by a handful of criminals (Fascism).

Each child is different and cannot be expected to behave the same way as another. Some are hyperactive or more energetic than others while some others are lethargic and shy. None of these conditions can be considered as a disorder at the face value. The differences in activity levels and behaviours in children could be caused by various factors such as diet, environment etc. However, today, each of this condition is given a specific label or defined by certain terminology. Once a child is identified under any of these labels, it is considered a disorder and hence the child has to be treated by drugs. So if a child is a bit too shy, he/she falls under the label of 'Social Anxiety' that needs to be treated by Paxil. The old method of disciplining a child , by setting limits and correcting misbehaviour, by teachers in the school and parents at home is thrown out of the window. Thanks to the Humanist Manifesto; children should not be punished for the purposes of correction anymore, instead we have in place a new method and that is drugging them. Drugging makes the children docile thereby premanently disabling their ability to think while continually being instructed to act or behave in the way the controllers want them to be.

Researchers say, there is enough scientific evidence to support that anti-depressants and stimulants casue out of control abnormal behaviours in children. They discovered that it's hard to find an academic psychiatrist who is not in the payroll of the drug company. The New England Journal of Medicine, in 2002, looked for an expert on anti-depressant drugs to write a review on it and they could not find anyone who qualified as an expert who was not on the payroll of one of the companies making these drugs. In an other case, Eli Lilly and Co., found that their patients taking Prozac had a higher suicide attempt rate than if the same patient were on a sugar pill. So they covered-up that data. In fact, they covered up their own internal investigation results that anyone on Prozac is 12 times more likely to attempt suicide than other people using other anti-depressant. The Washington Post in 2005 reported that, "After the arrival of Prozac in 1988, these drugs have transformed psychiatry in the United States, even as persistent critics have warned that their benefits were hyped and their risks ignored. A spate of lawsuits in recent years have claimed that the drugs were responsible for violent and suicidal behavior."

The criminal behaviours evoked in these children had led to the escalation of a whole new phenomenon of school schootings in the recent decades. However, the administration claims that these school shootings are happening becasue kids have easy access to guns. This is simply not true and can be easily discredited. In the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, kids had access to guns, possibly more than they even do now and no one heard of these school shooting phenomena. The difference between then and now, with this being a whole new phenomena, is the drugs. Many children who are put on these mind-altering drugs were said to have hallucinations of wild dreams and violent behaviours. On the other hand, guns have been there for many decades. As cited by parents and several medical experts in the video, they do not believe that the primary reason why kids kill other kids is because they have easy access to firearms. People of older generation lived with guns all around in their house and had eassy access to it in their childhood and yet never fired anyone. So it should be clear that guns are not the cause of the problem, as the administration would want us to believe, but it's the drugs that is driving the kids insane to pick up guns and shoot their classmates. Despite this clean evidence, the administration continues to go ahead with its rhetoric. Perhaps, they have something to gain, by lying to the public; as you will soon see below.

The 2nd amendment of the US Constitution grants the people of America the rights to bear arms. That means Americans must have been in possession of guns since the time America was founded. Though the idea of allowing citizens to own firearms sound ridiculous at first, the fact that the rights to bear arms occupy second place in the list of amendments should itself show its importance. The sole purpose why the founding fathers of America allowed the people to bear arms was not for self-defense or protection of one's property or family against theft or dacoits but was that, if ever the Government turns oppressive against its own people, the government should know that the people have the weapons. In other words, it was to deter any sort of oppression or tyranny from the government that the people were allowed to bear arms. It is to prevent the government from taking away powers of the people, which is indeed the essence of democracy.

The sad reality is that today, America is inching towards a fascist country controlled by a bunch of corporate criminals and much of the brain-dead Americans are hardly bothered about it. What's happening in America, in the words of some scholars, is exactly what happened in Nazi Germany, where the individual rights, freedom and privacy are gradually being eroded on a daily basis. The criminals who run the government knows that in order to control the public and suppress any sort of resistance that may possibly arise from them, the civilians have to be disarmed first. Hitler said: "the most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow citizens to carry arms." In this scenario, the people possessing guns are a threat to the sustenance of the criminals in power. Hence, the civilians should be completely stripped of their arms; a right granted by the Constitution of America. It can't be any simpler than that when Attorney General, Janet Reno says: "Waiting periods are only a step. Registration is only a step. The prohibition of private firearms is the goal." Thus, prohibition of private firearms is the ultimate goal of the administration, and therefore the escalation of firearm related crisis is an essential evil for them. This is simply the reason why the adminsitration wants us to believe the lie that easy access to guns is the cause of firearm related problems while in reality it's the drugs what actually drive these people to pick up firearms and shoot each other. Once the problem gets to a point where people can take no more, they will themselves ask for the disarming of the civilian population. So there is no better method to achieve the goal of prohibiting private firearms than to allow the firearm related crimes to happen which in turn is the result of drugging the children.

Once Americans are stripped of their right to bear arms, it's only a cakewalk for the criminals to control and subjugate them. Once America falls, the rest of the nations will follow easily. This is also an UN 's agenda; to disarm every people of their weapons and eventually disarm every nation of their military, so that a totalitarian World Government can be put in place which will get the protection of a one world army (something similar to NATO) to any resistance from any people or nation. America being the single most powerful and mighty nation, the destruction of it is sought after first.

Some hard questions:
Who really controls the kids of America? Doesn't parents have any rights over their children? Are we supposed to believe that a government, run by a bunch of corrupt and criminal satanic cabals care more about our children than their own parents? And where is freedom in the supposed land of the free and where is human rights when it comes to rights of the parents to protect their children?

"An article in Virginia's official university law review called for a "prohibitive tax...on the privilege" of selling handguns as a way of disarming "the son of Ham", whose "cowardly practice of `toting' guns has been one of the most fruitful sources of crime....Let a negro board a railroad train with a quart of mean whiskey and a pistol in his grip and the chances are that there will be a murder, or at least a row, before he alights." [Comment, Carrying Concealed Weapons, 15 Va L. Reg. 391, 391-92 (1909); George Mason University Civil Rights Law Journal, Vol. 2, No. 1, "Gun Control and Racism," Stefan Tahmassebi, 1991, p. 75] Thus, many Southern States imposed high taxes or banned inexpensive guns so as to price blacks and poor whites out of the gun market."

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