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Friday, January 15, 2010

Jesse Ventura's New TV Show - truTV

Former Navy SEAL, professional wrestler, and Minnesota governor, Jesse Ventura, recently (Wednesday, December 2, 2009) launched a new television show on the truTV (formerly known as Court TV) cable channel. The official website of tru TV is added as a link to this blog. A few episodes covering topics like HAARP, 9/11, Secret Societies, Big Brother, 2012, Manchurian Candidate etc., have been telecasted so far. If Jesse is true and honest in his initiative, it should help reach some more sheeples who are yet to be awakened.

The various Truth Movements, "Conspiracy Theories" and its wide reach with the help of Internet, Radio talk shows and TV shows similar to truTV etc., seemed to have had a positive impact on the minds of at least some sheeples about the credibility and obvious existence of a conspiracy. People are beginning to understand that
something doesn't seem right somewhere with the onslaught of the bogus 'War on Terror', 'Global Warming', 'Economic Collapse', 'Health Care debacle', 'Medical and Vaccine scam' etc. Perhaps, there must be something more to what we are being told by our Main Stream Media (MSM). MSMs have become simply mouthpieces for government propaganda and are no more reliable in any degree. The alternative media and news are the only sources of our information or knowledge and we need to retain it at every cost. Those who do not believe that a conspiracy exists, hatched by the wealthy and powerful individuals to steal our liberties and turn us into slaves, they are deceiving themselves and still living in their psychotic dream world.

The powers that be do not want the public to be awakened to the truth rather be dumbed down with the garbage propagated by their controlled media and paid clowns. However, various "consparicy theorists" have exposed the lie of 9/11, war on terror, global warming, swine flu etc., beyond a shadow of doubt. This reality with "conspiracy theories" have swayed a huge population from across the globe and had slowly began to rock the boat. The elites are now trying to choke us by daring to take away the very Freedom of Speech that is granted by the Constitution. Recently, Obama's regulatory czar, Caas Sunstein, argued that US Government should ban all "Conspiracy Theorizing". He seems to be totally unhappy with the way how Global Warming and several such myths were busted and suggests infiltrating all the Conspiracies by planting government agents within extremist consparicy groups that would eventually destroy the credibility of the obvious consparicies. If such weird and ruthless laws ever get passed by the US Government, that will be the end of free speech.

In the wake of all this chaos, it's plausible that confusions and divisons within truth movements and "conspiracy theories" could arise. Therefore, people should be aware of such a possibility. I wish and hope that Jesse Ventura's new venture won't be a controlled-opposition or a channel for polluting the entire pot, cleverly and cunningly put out by the criminal elites in power; rather, I wish and hope he would stand for the truth. Further, if there is truth and substance to his broadcast, we can also expect a ban on his telecast.

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